Welcome to our Flight School!

Take the controls and throttle up! Explore the beauty and splendor of flying in the Hawaiian Islands. Take up the challenge and learn to fly in one of the most perfect places on earth to fly, where the weather is consistently mild year round. If you are visiting the Islands, take our Island Adventure Flying Course, and learn from a very experienced local instructor just what it takes to be an island pilot. Finish what you started years ago and earn those wings. Fly high above the Kona coast on the Big Island and melt into the Hawaiian sunset!

Tropicbird Flight Service was created to provide local residents and visitors with top quality flight training. Our instructors and mechanics are professionals with many years of experience and are long-term residents of the islands. At Tropicbird Flight Service, we love what we do and consider it a privilege to live and fly here. Whether you are pursuing a career in aviation or just want the challenge of earning your wings, this is an awesome place to do it and great people to do it with.

Flying over Lava on Big Island of Hawaii

Welcome to Kona – Tropicbird Flight Service

Whales on Final Approach!

Touch and Go Upolu Point HI

Take a spin around the wind swept North shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. Check out the beautiful deep blue ocean colors.

Below, you will see videos of how magnificent it is to be a pilot in Hawaii. This video was filmed by one of our local pilots while flying in one of our airplanes near the valleys.

A peek inside our school

Michael Lauro
(Certified Flight Instructor)

Chief Instructor Pilot, Mike Lauro is a 40-year veteran pilot.

Feedback from Customers

Isaac ReyesIsaac Reyes – Waimea, HI

Thank you, Mike Lauro, and all other Tropicbird instructors who guided me through my instrument rating and commercial certificate. The training was challenging, rewarding, and fun.

Bradford Griswold – Pleasant Valley, CT

Absolute professionals and top notch CFIs that taught this newly minted pilot a few extra tips and tricks to take with me. I can’t recommend these guys enough!

Doug Moser – Ligonier, IN

We flew with Mike Lauro and it doesn’t get any better than this… “I’ll be back.”

Adam SaaidAdam Saaid – Anchorage, AK

As a commercial pilot in Alaska, I decided to take a few weeks off to head someplace warm and sunny for some flight training. So I took a trip to Kona, Hawaii where I trained with Tropicbird Flight Service. They offer great flight instruction, solid professionalism, and warm island hospitality. Chief Pilot Mike Lauro brings a wealth of aviation experience to the table and shares it with an enthusiastic and top-notch instructional style. Hawaii is a beautiful, inspirational place to fly with perfect weather and amazing scenery. I really enjoyed training with Tropicbird Flight Service and wholeheartedly recommend this flight school to anyone looking for a great flight training experience.