Tropicbird Flight Service operates a fleet of clean and well-maintained training aircraft including a Diamond Eclipse, an IFR equipped Cessna 172 M. All our planes are maintained according to the highest standards set forth by the FAA.
We watch over our aircraft very carefully, performing 50 hr,  100 hr and Annual Inspections. In addition, our maintenance staff is highly experienced with our chief mechanic having over 15 years of experience.

Cessna 172M (N73473)

1976 Cessna 172 M , 180hp Lycoming O-360 conversion with a constant speed prop! Our brand new addition to the fleet! This aircraft is in pristine condition with only 2000 total time on airframe! It is IFR certified with Garmin 430, HSI, long range tanks, and a working autopilot system. This Skyhawk is one sweet bird to fly!
RATE: $215/hr.

DA-20 C1 (N325JP)

2006 Diamond Eclipse DA-20 C1
Engine: Continental IO- 240B 125 HP, fuel injected
GNS 530 avionics suite, dual radios, electric trim
A truly sweet plane to fly!
RATE: $185/hr.

Precision Flight Controls - CR12

Our brand new Professional Flight Controls – CR-12 Flight Simulator is a most amazing piece of equipment indeed! It is a full motion platform and really does have the look and feel of a real aircraft, unlike most desk top models.
The CR-12 is FAA approved for logging instrument flight time, up to 20 hours for the Instrument Rating. The CR-12 can also be used for Instrument flight proficiency for those pilots who want to get in some quality instrument training in an efficient time frame. The software is based on X-plane 9 and the instrument panel is coupled with a Garmin 530 GPS system. The system can simulate a whole host of various single and twin engine aircraft. This training tool is most effective for preparing any pilot for the rigors of instrument flying.
RATE: $65/hr.