You can learn to fly!

185381174_c0f42a69e3_oTake that big step and ’boldly go’ where you’ve never been before…. up there behind the controls, cruising around the sky like a great soaring bird… a Tropicbird!!!

Earning your Private Pilot License is truly an adventure of a lifetime. You are about to take a journey that will put your self-discipline to the test and challenge you to grow. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when given the right training and a great coach to guide you. People of all ages and backgrounds have proudly earned their wings. Perhaps you started your training years ago but life got in the way. Now is the time to restart that dream and start flying again.

Here's the Ticket!

The Private Pilot license is where all pilots get their start. It forms the foundation for all the professional pilot certifications. Once you earn your license, you will be able to fly most light single engine airplanes and take friends and passengers up for a ride in the sky. You may even use an aircraft for your own personal business. With further experience and your Commercial Pilot certificate, you can then pursue a rewarding career in a myriad of different flying jobs that await your exploration!

What will I learn?

Learning to fly involves much more that being behind the controls. You will learn the basics of airplane systems, aerodynamics, airport operations and airspace, meteorology, charts and navigation, and aeronautical decision-making skills … name a few!.

Putting it all together will take hard work and good study habits. Your training will consist of a combination of guided self-study time, and scheduled one on one classroom and flight training sessions with your instructor. You will have many resources to help you on this journey. Tropicbird uses the Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery training system. It is a state of the art training package that comes complete with excellent textbooks and all the training materials you will need to become a pilot. Yes, it’s back to school, but what a view out the window of your classroom!

Earning your wings!

Private Pilot License Requirements: FAR 61.102
1. Minimum age requirement, 17.
2. Read speak, write and understand the English Language.
3. Pass an FAA Class three flight physical exam.
4. Complete a ground training course.
5. Complete required flight training.
6. Pass the FAA Private Pilot written test.
7. Take and pass the FAA final Practical Test.

Minimum Flight Experience Requirements:
The FAA regulations require that students complete a total of 40 hours of flight training, with a minimum of 20 hours with an instructor and 10 hours solo flight time. Most students require additional hours of training to truly be proficient and be ready to pass the Practical Test. When the time comes, you will be more than ready to pass that test with flying colors!

Science, freedom, beauty, adventure- aviation offers it all.
– Charles Lindbergh

So what will it cost?

You will not find more value for your investment in flight training anywhere on the Big Island. Tropicbird is solely dedicated to flight training. Chief Flight Instructor, Mike Lauro has many years of flying and teaching experience to pass along to you. The cost of earning any of the pilot certificates ultimately depends on how well you bring it all together and progress through your training. Ideally the best formula for success is to carefully plan out your time and finances to concentrate on your goals at hand. The most efficient and cost effective plan would be to attend classes two or three times a week and put in a few hours of study every day. If you have the means, we can set up an accelerated training program around your personal schedule and complete your training in as little as four to six weeks. Basically,
we have the flexibility to set up a training program that will fit into your busy life. It will be well worth the effort!

Estimated Cost of Private Pilot Training

40 hours DA-20 aircraft rental$7,400
30 hours flight instruction$2,940
25 hours ground instruction$2,450
Jeppesen Flight Discovery Training Kit$200
Total estimated cost of Private Pilot training$12,990

Personal, Professional and Fun!! What sets us apart from other accelerated programs?

4ea13ec0a12c2c705c8f8f245fe9db1b_mdTropicbird takes pride in each and every individual student we work with. The difference is in the attitude we have toward training. We are not an “academy” nor do we attempt to speed you thru a program just to get your ticket. If you want that, then there are plenty of fast track programs available that can do the job. What we strive to do is to truly prepare you for your future in the air, regardless of whether you are going for a career or flying just for fun. We also recognize that learning to fly is a major event in your life and that it should be an enjoyable and most memorable time for you as well as a lot of hard work.

All through our accelerated program, we relentlessly stress the fundamentals and help you build a solid foundation for your future flying. We want to make sure that when you get your license, you will have the confidence and skills to continue growing as a pilot. Our Chief Flight Instructor, Mike Lauro has much practical “real world”experience to pass along to you with over 40 years of flying, 20 years as an instructor, with over 8000 hours of flight training given and an island resident since 1988. Mike also served as a Captain in the USAF and understands what professionalism is truly about.

Enjoying the process is all part of the plan!

One thing we have going for us is that we love what we do and especially love doing it in Hawaii! You will have some of the most memorable times of your life learning and experiencing the warmth of the island style of flight training!

Estimated Cost of Private Pilot Course

*Costs are based on the Minimum required flight training hours as set by the FAA. Actual costs will be based on factors such as frequency of training, student’s motivation, and student’s rate of learning and any prior flight training experience.
Note: Flight training may also be conducted in the Cessna 172 if desired @ 215./hr rate.
Note: FAA Examiner’s fee and taxes not included in costs.