Make your next flight review a most memorable experience in the tropical skies of the Big Island!

Everything you need is here to sharpen up your piloting skills and stay current. We operate in Class-D airspace at Kona International Airport. You can practice your communication skills as you work with our controllers and weave your way around the fast movers. No worries, we do have a few quiet airports nearby, where you can combine some training with fun. Perfect those crosswind landings once and for all with a good 10 to 15 knot trade wind coming off the ocean on a typical Hawaiian day. Improve your emergency procedures and do a dead stick glide to a spot landing on Runway 7 at Upolu Airport, a remote strip on dramatic sea cliffs at the scenic northern tip of the Big Island. You have much invested in those wings, so lets keep them exercised!

Flight Review Requirements FAR 61.56

Minimum 1 hour of flight instruction and 1 hour ground instruction to include:

  • A review of the current general operating and flight rules.
  • A review of those maneuvers and procedures, at the discretion of the instructor, that are necessary for the pilot to demonstrate the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate.

If successfully passed, you will receive a logbook endorsement and will be able to fly again for another 24 calendar months in any category and class aircraft that you are rated to fly!

You may choose from our selection of aircraft to complete your training. We will provide you with a host of handouts and preparation materials to get you started on your journey back to ‘currency’!.

Haven’t been flying for a while?

For those of you who have taken a long break from the sky, we can tailor your training to get you back up to speed. We will patiently guide you back to the cockpit and ensure that you have the confidence you need to start flying as pilot in command once again!