Become a Flight Instructor

a277ae8c6752bb662d10211aa0959f17If you love to fly and have a desire to teach others the wonders of flying, then Instructing is for you. The Certified Flight Instructor Course prepares you to pass that aviation knowledge and skill on to others. You will learn all about the FAA pilot certification process in detail, the basic fundamentals of instruction and how to prepare and deliver ground and flight lessons. In the process, you will develop a mastery of flying skills that will truly make you a better pilot!

Chief pilot, Mike Lauro, has graduated many CFI candidates over the years and knows what you need to successfully pass the Practical Test.

Eligibility Requirements for Certified Flight Instructor FAR 61.183

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument rating
  • Logbook endorsement on fundamentals of instructing – 61.185.
  • Pass a knowledge test –(Fundamentals of instruction and CFI test)
  • Pass the required Practical Test
  • Log at least 15 hours as pilot in command in the category and class of Aircraft that is appropriate to the flight instructor rating sought.

Note that there are no real minimum flight time hours in training for the Flight Instructor Certificate. You will be training in the right seat, building proficiency in performing and instructing all the maneuvers required for the commercial certificate. Much of the training will be On the ground, learning about the privileges and responsibilities of your new rating.

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So what will it cost?

You will not find more value for your investment in flight training anywhere on the Big Island. The cost of earning any of the pilot certificates ultimately depends on how well you bring it all together and progress through your training. Ideally the best formula for success is to plan out your time and finances to concentrate on your goals at hand. The most ideal plan would be to attend classes at least three times a week and put in a few hours of study every day. If you have the means, we can set up an accelerated training program around your personal schedule and complete your training in as little as a week or two, depending on your prior flying experience.

Ground instruction 20 hours$2,300
10 hrs, DA-20 dual flight training$3,000
10 hrs complex aircraft dual$3,450
*Total cost of Training$8,750

Minimum Required Flight Hours
*Costs are estimated and will be based on factors such as the student’s prior flight experience, pilot currency, frequency of training, student’s motivation, and student’s rate of learning.
Note: FAA examiners fee and taxes not included in costs.