Meet Captain Darryl Grace

Captain Darryl GraceCaptain Darryl Grace

Darryl is a commercial pilot who got his start with Tropicbird!

Putting your wings to work

Flying as a commercial pilot is more than making a living in the sky. It’s all about being excellent at your craft and taking your flying to a new level of professionalism. You will be preparing to fly faster, higher and further than you’ve flown before in more complex aircraft. It is very gratifying to command a complex airplane smoothly through the sky and use it to perform a mission, especially when you get paid to do it!

Here is a list of just a few of the commercial type jobs out there:

Here is a list of just a few of the commercial type jobs out there:

  •  Police and traffic control
  • Federal forest patrol
  • Professional Flight Instructor
  • Test Pilot
  • Recreational and Tour Pilot
  • Sales and demonstration Pilot
  • Aerial Photography and surveying
  • Charter and Air taxi pilot
  • Bush Pilot
  • Missionary Aviation Pilot
  • Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Fire fighting Pilot

It was not because I was a better or more daring pilot than my colleagues; constant practice had simply expanded my limitations.  The trick is to learn your limitations, gradually expand them, but never go beyond them..
– James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle

What will I be learning?

Commercial Pilot training involves learning to fly your aircraft more smoothly and precisely. You will be working on fine tuning your stick and rudder skills through maneuvers such as Chandelles, Lazy Eights and Pylon turns. You will also be working on your cross-country flying skills and logging time in complex aircraft. Your cross-country flights in Hawaii will take you to our neighbor islands of Maui, Molokai and Oahu and some of the most awesome scenery on the planet!

So what will it cost?

You will not find more value for your investment in flight training anywhere on the Big Island. Chief Instructor Pilot, Mike Lauro has many years of practical teaching experience and can guide you thorough the rigours of the commercial pilot course. The cost of earning any of the pilot certificates ultimately depends on how well you bring it all together and progress through your training.

Ideally the best formula for success is to plan out your time and finances to concentrate on your goals at hand. The most ideal plan would be to attend classes two or three times a week and put in a few hours of study every day. If you have the means, we can set up an accelerated training program around your personal schedule and complete your training in as little as two to three weeks, depending on your prior flying experience.

10 hours DA-20 dual flight training commercial maneuvers$3,000
5 hours DA-20 dual cross-country flight training$1,500
10 hours dual complex aircraft flight training$3,450
20 hours ground instruction$1,960
Estimated cost of books and supplies$200
** Total estimated cost of Commercial Pilot Training$10,110

**Costs are based on the Minimum required flight training hours as set by the FAA. The actual costs will be based on factors such the student’s prior flying experience and currency, frequency of training, student’s motivation, and student’s rate of learning.
Also, you should check to make sure you meet the minimum required cumulative flight experience necessary to be eligible to take the Commercial Practical test….See FAR 61.129 for cumulative flight experience requirements..
The Cessna 172 M is also available for this course.
Note: FAA Examiner’s fee and taxes are not included in the above costs.