The Big Island has it all:
4b08ab68e584f81c49a106bb7d03a3ab_mdb5992415c1b2858e0739982a90a3864f_mdHawaii is one of the best places in the nation for flight training. The tropical weather is very mild and predictable. All the Hawaiian Islands have a dry side and a wet side, due to the constant trade winds that sweep the islands from the northeast. Kona Airport is located on the western, leeward- dry side of the Big Island. Two 14,000 ft Volcanoes (Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa) block all the weather and make for mellow VFR flight training most every day of the year. This allows you to set up a most efficient schedule for your flight training program!

Learning at the Kona International Airport will prepare you well for your future in the air. Your training here will give you a well-rounded experience as you work with our controllers in our busy Class D Airspace. No worries, we also have two smaller, quiet airports just around the corner that are very scenic. With our ever-present trade winds, you will truly learn how to do crosswind landings and know how to deal with wind shears and mountain turbulence. You will also have the unique experience of learning about ocean navigation and tropical weather while flying to our neighbor islands. Your mainland counterparts will be envious of the Hawaiian flying time in your logbook!

Flight Training is all we do!
Our sole mission is to help you to become a good pilot! Tropicbird is solely dedicated to flight training. We are not distracted with the burdens of a large and impersonal flying operation with charter and tour operations. We have a friendly flying club style atmosphere…and understand that learning to fly should be fun as well as hard work.

You will get much individual attention from your instructor who has many solid years of professional flying and instructing under his belt and really knows how to teach!

Custom Scheduling
Your training lessons will be customized to fit around your own personal schedule. With our excellent weather and ideal training environment, you can come out as often as you wish to fly. This will enable you to have an efficient flow of lessons and help to keep the overall cost of your training down. You can even set up an accelerated training program to complete your training in a most efficient minimum amount of time.

State of the Art Aircraft.
d6db0c8c4a3b24d33a71eaeda95bcf95_mdThere is nothing like flying a modern, nice and clean airplane that is well equipped with high tech avionics. Our 2006 DA-20 C-1 is a sweet flying aircraft equipped with a Garmin 530 avionics panel and is a joy to fly. Our 1976 vintage Cessna 172 M is a tried and true bird that is well maintained and fully equipped for IFR flight.

You will learn in an aircraft that will prepare you well for your bright new future in the world of 21st century technology.

The Best Training Environment
7135826e54e412dc4adcafff92b91f7c_mdOur Training Facility is very pleasant and has a separate air-conditioned lab with computers, and all the cozy things you need to make your learning most efficient and enjoyable! We even have a picnic table and a barbeque outside around the corner where you can enjoy the balmy tropical breezes. Our media library is huge! You will have access to many state of the art training media with over 200 titles in our collection plus a large collection of classic aviation movies! We use the Jeppesen Flight Training Program with its outstanding training kits that give you everything you need to earn your pilot certificate.

Learning in paradise for visiting pilots!
Kona offers the perfect place to get away from it all and focus on your flight training. During the time off from your busy training schedule, you will be able to hit the beach , go snorkeling and basically just enjoy all the charms that the Big Island has to offer! You will be refreshed and ready to go each day! The best part is that you will have a most excellent photo collection to take home with you!!!